Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What? This is the end of January?

So! December happened! Not only did December happen, but January is passing quickly by. I was on blogging hiatus at the time (I'm still on hiatus, or at least that is what I'm telling myself so I don't scare myself away from my blog), so I pretty much missed the month. But hey! We did stuff. And because I will most likely be inundating the Internets the week after our trip to Disney (which is SOON!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA! <----that was joy), with a detailed trip report, I didn't want to leave a big hole in my timeline.

Do you know how hard it is to distill a month down into less than 10 pictures? Especially when you took 561 pictures in December, but your husband is getting cranky at you for stealing his bandwidth while he's (WoW) raiding?

It is pretty hard.

But. In December I learned to French Braid Lilli's hair. And she patiently let me do it. And proudly wore my sloppy first attempt. Woohoo! That's a good child for you.

In December we baked cookies with Sprite and Jen. It was a blast.

In December we decorated gingerbread houses. The one on the right, thickly coated in candy is Elizabeth's. She was displeased when we ran out of candy.

In December there were many forced poses. With family members, with Santa during visits number 2 and 3, at various scenic views, and of course in front of the Christmas tree.

That last one is from when Nana and Papa (my in-laws) visited us.

As should be no surprise, the majority of my 561 December photos are of Christmas Day. But I will spare you. Let's just say that there was joy at the sight of the tree,

More forced posing in front of it,

Excitement over the smallest thing,

And general joy in the day.

We also attended my work Christmas party, spent a TON of time at various parks enjoying the availability of decent weather, had play dates, and ran around like crazy people doing our Christmas shopping, but I will keep those photos to myself for now. And of course to spare myself the whines from the guy over at other computer.
Oh yes, and we ate The Ham. That really added to the month. There are few foods in this world that I love as much as I love The Ham, but I only buy it at Christmas. I can't justify the expense or the gorging during the rest of the year.
So that was December. A good month! And I say this every year, but this, of course, was our best Christmas ever, despite our efforts to conserve our funds. The economizing we did made no dent in the good time we all had.
You know, I feel pretty ready to take on January, so maybe you'll see a few pictures and posts about this month in the next couple of days. We haven't done much this month, but you would never know that from the pictures!


Sprite's Keeper said...

You simply MUST teach me how to french braid! Please! Sprite's hair is such a mess!

Rachel said...

You bet! She has such nice thick hair that it should be easy!