Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One last visit to the month of December...

Look what I found! Somehow the official Santa Portrait for the year got by me and I haven't even put this up on Facebook. This was our third and last Santa visit, but was the only one that took place at an actual mall. The girls look a little rumpled despite my attempts to straighten them up while in line, a couple of hours of playing in the mall play area with a horde of children will do that to you, but they were very happy to see Santa.

Santa, no doubt trying to avoid being sued for some sort of inappropriate behavior, was not happy that I had put Elizabeth in a fairly short skirt that day, and kept asking David and I to fix her skirt so she wouldn't be showing her Cinderella underpants to posterity. Of course he was too polite to actually mention the problem directly, but we knew why he kept trying to fix things. Elizabeth, who is quite comfortable in the nude, not to mention with her undies on display, did not understand the fuss and was not cooperating with the way we were trying to get her to sit. Poor Santa. But since we had not planned to see Santa (this was a normal day's outfit coordination, not something special), it is own fault for wooing us to his line with his jolly "Ho, Ho, Ho"s.

Right? Right.

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